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I went to Italy in September. You are really lucky if you can visit Italy. Italy is a beautiful, delightful place. I am happy each time I remember it.

The Art is amazing. I loved reading about each unique church and seeing religious statues.

I also had a religious experience at all the art. I am a seeking Catholic who experienced so much apart from all that I had known. I learned that a reason people are into God is because of beauty. I love God because of our family. I am blessed to have a father who is an example of a loving God.

3 thoughts on “Italy

  1. Dear James , it was a pleasure for all of my family to have you with us in our beautiful Petroio . Your comments on our country and on the feeling you had through the art with God are really special . I hope you can have the chance in the future to come back to Tuscany there is always lots to see and enjoy ….never enough . Good luck for the coming winter season !

  2. James,
    I would like to encourage you to write about your experiences during this trip.

    Indeed, you might be able to include some of what you learned during this trip in your upcoming Hank Morgan story — although you must make the story into satire and poke fun at or criticize Italy.

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