Wise Words


James’ sister Jane has a new friend in NYC named Alan. He is a wonderful man and very wise. Jane told the two of them about each other and here is their first email exchange!

Dear Alan, 

I am happy you work with Jane. She cares much about you. My advice to you is to keep writing your book. You have so much to teach us younger autistics. You have so much to give to us. Don’t keep it inside. You are an inspiration. Send me an email if you want. 

Lots of love, 



Dear James, 

Thank you for good advice. Open energy makes it hard to write. I get distracted by all the noise in my head. But you are right, I need to share my autism story. Hope you are not sad about your autism. It is a waste of time. Hear me out. Autism is not a very hard thing once we have RPM. Now we can share our selves in truth without expectations of failure to perform like weather talkers*. James, in Jane’s life the pressure to be something is enormous. In our lives no one decides who we should be because they don’t expect much. Thats why we are at an advantage. Remember to give thanks and love to your family. God bless. 



*weather talkers refers to those whose conversations are mainly just small talk or  discussing the weather.