Class of Partitions

imagesAn essay written in class answering the question What matters”? 

Class of Partitions

            I, at fourteen, sat in a class of partitions. Each student had his own aide and his own assignment and had to work through another mindless day. No plays, no novels, no textbooks to be seen – and especially not discussed. So what did I do? I matched. I repeatedly failed to match colors, objects, and numbers. Because of my experience, I lost hope in education, and I lost hope in a meaningful life.

           Then I finally met a teacher who taught me to demonstrate my understanding. I believe that every person deserves to be taught at any age, at any complexity, and with material that matters.

            Luckily, I was only fourteen. At what point do we give up on education? People “graduate” regardless of their abilities and knowledge. We treat these individuals like their abilities are now set. But really we have just neglected to teach them. We forget the plasticity of the brain when the brain exists in a person society has, at some point, labeled as less desirable. Most adults eventually have a second career, but the defective humans – those with disabilities, felons, or school drop outs – are limited at twenty-one, or even earlier.

            For students stuck in the educational system that attempts to train them like animals, they, too, deserve a meaningful education. These students deserve teachers that teach. Despite grades, level of output, or behavior, the learning material should be engaging, meaningful, and interactive! Matching is not curriculum! Students deserve to be taught stimulating information in addition to life skills.

            I lived in the class of partitions. I know the demoralization of a school which merely fills time and fails to stimulate meaningful thoughts. This education fails both individuals and society. I believe – I know – that all people deserve a stimulating and meaningful education.


One thought on “Class of Partitions

  1. James,
    I can only begin to imagine how trapped and frustrated you felt with such partitions!

    But now you are freed of such partitions.

    What’s more, you are such an asset to the homeschool classes that you have with me!

    I count myself privileged — and blest — to have been a part of tearing down those unjust and stifling partitions.

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