Receiving Communion

imgresEucharist Painting – Daniel Bonnell

Since the very early days of communication with RPM  it has been apparent that James has a strong faith and one that he relied on a lot for comfort and strength during his years of silence. He asked us over a year ago if he could start to participate in the sacraments of the Catholic church.  This weekend he had the gift of receiving first holy communion! We were so blessed to celebrate this in a small mission church with friends and family. The priest was kind enough to share James’ communion thoughts during the homily and we wanted to share them on our blog as well.

I am so delighted and grateful to be receiving my first communion today and to have my friends and family here to support my journey with God.

I am happy God set me free from silence and saved my life with RPM. Each opportunity to communicate is a gift I don’t take for granted. All of you are so important to me and teach me so much understanding. I really appreciate all you do for me.

All I am is due to my loving family and friends. I am so grateful I met all of my teachers, I could not be writing this without them.

God is so awesome and gracious. I delight to follow Him. All of you show me how.

3 thoughts on “Receiving Communion

  1. wow. It was a pleasure to witness you receive this sacrament James. Congratulations on such a huge achievement. I hope your relationship with Jesus will continue to strengthen you and guide you in the path He has intended. You are very special young man.

  2. James, thank you for sharing the reflections of your heart as you made your first communion. I am stirred by your words, especially about how you “delight to follow Him”. That is my hope and prayer for all of us. Thank YOU for the way you show us how, James. It goes both ways!
    George and I missed being there last Saturday, but our prayers were with you and will continue to be.
    Much love, Carol

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