Thoughts on being the President

We’ve been away from our blog for over two weeks and there is so much to catch up on!  We just got back from a life changing trip to Guatemala, one which would never have been possible prior to RPM. Before we post about our trip to Guatemala I thought I would share some of the lessons James did with Elizabeth earlier in the month. They were discussing the constitution, the presidency, and innovations by inspiring Americans. Here is a sampling of James’ responses.

*Given all the risks and complications that come with being president, why would anyone want to do this job?   (James’ responses are in regular font, no longer in caps)

Being president is a hard job. It is the highest leader in the world. With this job comes huge risks.The rewards far outweigh the risks. The President is the leader the world looks to as a model for democracy.

The world may not agree with the president but he is a leader nonetheless. Because the president has to take a firm stand on the issues he is subject to public criticism and scrutiny. This is not something that most people would want to face. I don’t think I could handle this amount of judgment.   The president also has to face the possibility he might make some people so mad they try to kill him. Assassination is a very real possibility the president faces with each public appearance. Again, not something I would want to risk.   Finally, there are many rewards to being president. These include the chance to make a meaningful difference in the world and be the voice of democracy. This is the part of the presidency that does appeal to me. In conclusion, I am grateful there are people willing to accept the risks and rewards associated with being president. I am not that person but I can participate by voting!

 Thoughts on Innovators like the Wright Brothers 

Creative writing: can you think of another example of an innovative person that tried, failed, try again.. But regardless, they had no control over the outcome?

There have been many innovators who have faced failure after failure. The commonality is that they never gave up. I believe if you really want something you have to be willing to fail. I am going through this now in homeschool group. I am not going to give up even when it is hard. The end result is worth the failures!





One thought on “Thoughts on being the President

  1. Great report, James! Good thoughts and well organized writing. I love seeing what you’re studying and learning. Keep it coming!

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