Grandparents day is celebrated on September 13 in the United States.  I don’t think James’ grandparents know this or have ever benefitted from it (sad to say) but I like to think we recognize them at other times during the year!  James’ SLP discussed grandparents day with him and asked him to write some universal truths about grandparents and then a short paragraph on the subject.

Grandparents are a great resource for a person to turn to when times are tough.

Grandmas are very sweet.

Grandmothers have tons of experience raising children.

Grandfathers are older gentleman with kind hearts.

Grandparents are the leaders of our families.

Grandparents like to brag about their grandkids.

I am so grateful to the older people in my life. They are such tremendous sources of wisdom and experience. My grandparents have always been accepting and supportive. I appreciate their love and place in our family. I only wish I got to see them more often. Some of my favorite times have been with my grandparents. The world is a better place because of our seniors.



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