Oh the Difference a Year Can Make!

I am happy to report a successful first day of school with the home school group James has joined.  The parents and students made him feel very welcome and he really liked the lecture style of his new teacher. It was interesting and challenging for him. These are a few of the things he said; when asked to introduce himself with one thing that would help others know him he spelled, HI I AM JAMES. I LOVE TO LISTEN TO BOOKS ON TAPE. And to Shannon and me while we were sitting in class he spelled I AM ALWAYS GOING TO LOVE IT HERE.  And at the end of the day  he said IT WAS HARD TO CONTROL MY BODY BUT I DID IT!

In this first week there are so many examples of how different life is now that James has RPM.  One of them is the contrast  in first week homework assignments! Last year as I have mentioned we were just beginning to get a handle on where James might be academically so the assignment was to learn how to conduct a simple interview. He was given a set of about 5 questions and was to gather the information from various family members. We quickly moved on from there but see below for this year’s first week assignments! All I can say is “oh what a difference a year can make”!

Literature homework for Tuesday, September 9: (1) Read lines 1-836 of Beowulf. Throughout your reading of the book, watch for the development of the themes of loyalty, reputation, generosity (comitatus), hospitality, envy, and revenge.  (2) In modern English, create a list of ten of your own kennings that refer to people, places, objects, or events in your daily life. Include the kennings, which must consist of two hyphenated nouns, and “true” definitions. Be prepared to trade with another student your list of kennings.  (3) Write at least two informative, “teach-the-class” identification sentences about each of the following: Shield Sheafson, Beow, Hrothgar, Heorot, Grendel, Beowulf, Wulfgar, Ecgtheow, Unferth, Wealhtheow; include any pertinent symbolism or thematic relevance in your answers. Be prepared to share your answers with the class before you turn them in on September 9.
Note: As you are reading the weekly assignments, mark text or take notes for the culmination essay, due October 7: What role does religion, Christian and pagan, play in Beowulf? Support your theses with line references in parentheses (parenthetical citations). Your final paper must be 700-900 words in length.  Outline required!

American History homework for Tuesday, September 9: (1) Read, study, and make flash cards for all the Section Reviews of Chapter 1 ofHeritage of Freedom. Your flash cards should include all the “Identify” terms in the assigned Section Reviews and other important terms found in the reading assignment, bring your flash cards to class. (2) Copy and answer the numbered items in the assigned Section Reviews.


One thought on “Oh the Difference a Year Can Make!

  1. In these three days since his first class he has successfully read all the assigned readings, taken notes, and completed the assigned book work. Monday will be our day to review, complete the more creative assignment and prep for his first real quiz! James is already excited for week 2!

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