Some of his thoughts…

James has been studying the American Classics (at his request) this past month.  He has been learning about great American poets, writers, artists and scientists.  When he was learning about Emily Dickinson it was mentioned that she often wrote about “loneliness” or “belonging”.

He was asked “what does belonging mean to you”? He said “HAVING PEOPLE AROUND WHO UNDERSTAND ME AND TALK TO ME LIKE I AM SMART”. And “What communities do you think you belong in”? “I WANT PEOPLE AROUND WHO ENJOY LIFE”.

In this same unit James read some Langston Hughes poetry  which reflects his experience as a black man.  James was asked what themes would be reflected in his own poetry and he said “KEPT INSIDE EACH TODAY, LIVING ALONE A LIFE READY.” After reading the Langston Hughes poem As I Grew Older James said that it was about “BROKEN DREAMS, SLAVERY”.  When asked what wall or obstacle Hughes faced he said “SLAVERY”.  When asked what his own obstacle might be he said “SILENCE”. He then wrote a poem about breaking through walls to reach your dreams. Here it is:


2 thoughts on “Some of his thoughts…

  1. I am sooooo thrilled. Please let James read this comment: “Hi James, I am Alex’s mom from the Shire School. I had a feeling you understood way more than you could express. I was moved to tears when I found out they discovered a way to help you “speak”. What a relief for you. What joy you have ahead in discovering yourself in a new way and in others discovering the real you! I simply can not express the joy in my heart for you. Much love and happiness sweet boy!”

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